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What are the factors that helped Kejriwal to stand in Delhi firm?

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It is possible that men and ordinary people with the support of “Am Admi” stood up in the victory that caused confusion not only in the Indian metropolitan area but throughout the country. Everyone at NCR has the same concerns about whether this ballot box will make a difference, which is why Arvind Kejriwal won. The nine good points that made him stand out from all the other politicians. After all, a runaway government doesn’t get two chances in a row every day.

1. He stood up across the walls of caste, creed, and class.

India has long been a country of divided politics. Each party has its target audience, the entire class, or caste. Arvind Kejriwal perpetuated these distinctions and always gave way to “5saal Kejriwal”. He confirmed that he was stylized as the poor savior or the rich Robin Hood. His promise in polls ensured that he would work on the class as well as the masses. His victory may be partly because the central Modi government did not obey more than eight months after his victory, but still labelling Arvind Kejriwal as just another option.

2. He participates in the largest movement in the country.

Arvind Kejriwal might not have been a common name in Jan Lokpal’s account if he wasn’t an active member of Anna Hazare’s fasting. Somewhere, people tied hope to humanity and began to believe that this man wanted to do something good for humanity. Then you automatically begin to connect your trust with the leader of the movement. Kejriwal has worked hard on the Lokpal bill and has left it on the list for his election.

3. Organic intellectuals

To force a large number of people to make wise choices, we always need an educated and intelligent person. They help people make informed decisions. Arvind Kejriwal had exactly those intellectual individuals. Experienced people educated from different stages of life helped him achieve victory.

4. Mass appeal: Ride to victory

Arvind Kejriwal has made the people of Delhi a great attraction. He sent youth activists and party members touring the city. The broom or his party symbol of “jhaadu”, commonly referred to in India, also had great ties. He was fresh, had his own heart, met a socialist perspective, and promised to eradicate corruption.

4. Address the need for the moment.

He knew what people around the world were concerned about. The failure of the BJP to meet the expectations of controlling inflation allowed the BJP to address the dissatisfaction of people at the ground level. He knew which nerve to push. Water, housing and electricity are probably what everyone needs to survive today, and cost-cutting promises are a great relief for those suffering from rising inflation while the economy is much more volatile. 3. Secular and socialist

5. The power of the common people

The “Aam Aadmi” tag attached to him is unique to him. He was never joined by Akhilesh Yadav in a major 2012 sweep, and never by Narendra Modi is a clear victory in 2014. It belongs to where all ordinary people belong. He has the aspirations, dissatisfaction, and possessions of all ordinary people. He faced what the average person is facing. It must be their face as well as face them. He is friendly, personally admits dissatisfaction, and at least promises to act. He is not here to establish a monarchy, but perhaps he is the only politician who does not consider governing a nation to be synonymous with governing a nation.

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